• (FEB 2020) Cotswold Soul

    (FEB 2020) Cotswold Soul

    FEBRUARY 2020

    This month saw the return of the DIANE SHAW Band to the annual Cotswold Park Soul Weekender.
    Diane and her 10 piece Band were invited to provide the musical backing for the visiting rising Soul Star from the US, Dennis Taylor. 24 year old Dennis was mentored by Soul Legend Bobby Eli from Philadelphia International Records, and is about to release his debut self-penned album.



    CPSW 2020 was once again a complete sell-out and another great success. Congratulations must go to Mark Whiffin and Andy Coles for organising a great weekend for the 5th Year in a row.




    Diane Shaw and Duke Fakir

    SEPTEMBER 2019

    Another of Diane’s lifetime ambitions was fulfilled on August 15th 2019, at the Broadway Theatre in Peterborough,

    when Diane Shaw and her Band were graciously asked to support Motown artists and living legends The Four Tops on their recent short tour in the UK.




    You can Preview Diane Shaw’s Albums here, and look through the complete Gig Guide here




    Tony Blackburn Koko

    November 14th, Diane Shaw was booked by Tony Blackburn to perform for the BBC Children in Need Soul Night at KOKO in London.

    Diane and her band shared the bill with Soul Legends Alexander O’Neal, The Real Thing, Shakatak, as well as TV stars Alexandra Burke, David Grant and more..

    Performing to a full house, she sang all the hits from her two No.1 Albums live with a full band, and it really was a night to remember.

    This is the second time Tony and the BBC have invited Diane to perform at the special Soul night, the last time being 3 years ago, where she shared the stage with Soul Legends such as Lemar, The Three Degrees, Jaki Graham, Kenny Thomas, Shaun Escoffery, Tony Momrelle among others.

    Both nights were broadcast live on BBC Radio London, and filmed for the BBC Children in Need TV show.


    Diane Shaw Pizza Express Tour 2019

    Here’s our after-show review!:


    Along with her renowned and authentic soul band, UK Soul Artist Diane Shaw will be making her debut performances at the iconic Pizza Express Jazz Clubs on the 18th, 19th and 20th July 2019.


    Book Tickets for Diane Shaw

    Date Doors open Show time Venue Availability Price
    18 July 2019 6:30pm 8:30pm PizzaExpress Live (Holborn) Available £20.00 Book
    19 July 2019 7:00pm 8:30pm PizzaExpress Live (Maidstone) Available £15.00 Book
    20 July 2019 6:30pm 8:30pm PizzaExpress Live (Birmingham) Available £15.00 Book

    Diane Shaw is a veteran of the Soul scene in the UK, performing for over 20 years on stage alongside Soul Legends such as Tito Jackson, The Stylistics, Martha Reeves, Sister Sledge, Eddie Holman, George McCrae, Alexander O’Neal and many more. She finally takes her turn in the spotlight with her incredible touring band of top session musicians, and brings her unique and dynamic live show, encompassing everything she has learned from the masters, keeping that old school soul sound alive and delivering it to a generation of real soul lovers, young and old.

    Band Lineup

    Diane Shaw (vocals)

    John Dagnall (drums)

    Johnny Heyes (guitar)

    Mark Lambert (bass)

    Tosin Akindele (backing vocals)

    Dayna Springer-Clarke (backing vocals)

    You can Preview the Albums here, and look through the complete Gig Guide here

    Diane Shaw - UK Soul Chart No.1
    2018 – Diane Shaw releases the long-awaited follow-up Studio Album ‘Second Chance’ and does it again!

    Diane notches up her Second NO.1 UK SOUL ALBUM

    Her 2015 debut album ‘Love, Life & Strings’ was labelled ‘The Best Soul Album of the 21st Century’ by Tower Records in Tokyo.

    It spent 2 weeks at the top of the UK Soul Charts gaining critical industry acclaim and worldwide airplay after being championed on BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music by DJ’s including Craig Charles and Tony Blackburn.

    Following on the heels of that success, Diane Shaw now finally brings her much anticipated follow up set ‘Second Chance’ which expands on the theme incorporating that winning formula of old school arrangements and real musicians rarely heard in this day and age.
    Real songs are at the core of Diane’s concept for her own music style, and this album is comprised of 12 brand new ‘Future Classic’ Soul Songs.

    ‘Second Chance’ has been in the working for over 18 months now, and tracks have been handpicked from a variety of sources, original writers as well as industry veterans. We have been very fortunate to get our hands on some rare gems unreleased by songwriting greats.
    She also has a new song written by the legend Michael McDonald which has never been released, and has been rearranged it into a great mid-tempo track.

    An unreleased Motown track written by Jimmy Webb in 1963 was also found and rearranged and should hit the spot for the dancefloors of the Northern Soul scene.

    Slightly different from her first album, Diane has introduced a few classic modern soul-style dance numbers in the vein of classic Philly Soul and similar, and she once again took on the immense challenge of ditching the computers for the recording with a full live band in the hope of recreating that real authentic feel once again.

    SECOND CHANCE reached:
    NO.1 on the UK SOUL Chart (2 Weeks)
    NO.1 on the Solar Sweet Rhythm Chart (3 Weeks)
    #1 on the AMAZON R&B/Soul Chart
    #1 on the Soul Train Radio Airplay Chart
    NO.2 on the 2018 SoulWalking ‘Best of’ Chart
    NO.5 on the Mi-Soul Soul Connoisseurs Chart

    Diane Shaw - Second Chance

    Second Chance available on Vinyl LP, CD and download.


    Notable Album Reviews:  


    …’A National Treasure’……’The woman and her team, are, quite simply, superb!’

    Is it really 3 years since Diane Shaw released her debut album ‘Love, Life & Strings’? Yikes! Time really does fly.

    That album embedded itself into most of the better charts, for a large part of that year, and quite rightly so. In the same way the group Soulutions, just get on with making the music they understand, and love the most, the same applies to Diane Shaw.  At times her sound is set in an early Seventies, Detroit Spinners-esque vibe, and then she sneaks in to a Sixties mode, before returning to her Real Soul pastures, musically. Wherever Diane lays her hat, she fully embraces the term ‘song-led’.

    Her songs are not pastiches or remakes, but are very much melodies in their own right. I nearly didn’t make track 3 on this album, after first listening to ‘Through The Rain’ (track 2). What a true beauty.

    One of 2018’s finest, thus far, and I am sure I will be saying likewise come the end of November this year.  Folks don’t make music of this high standard in pop’s mainstream, so I think I will reside in Soul Music’s ‘quality slipstream’ this year, if the music is going to be of this standard.

    ‘Second Chance’? There should be no question of ‘chance’ involved in future recordings by this fine singer. She put be placed firmly on the U.K. obligatory musical curriculum! A national treasure!

    Now, not forgetting there are 11 further songs following ‘Through The Rain’, cherry picking is a hard task, as I honestly, love the overall product here. ‘(Come Back) Halfway’ will become a live show favourite, I am sure.

    I really love the mid-seventies sounding ‘Love Has No Right’, a song out of it’s era today, however, would have been a hit in those times, and should be in 2018.

    It’s a shame the hallmark of a good record today, is that it isn’t a huge pop hit! The penultimate ’Shall I Wait For You’ sits perfectly in the albums ‘departure lounge’. An ‘end of the night’ melody, which is a quite moving listen, all told.

    Folks like myself, and yourselves (if not the case, what are you doing at this site in the first place! :))) will not be able to have enough of Diane Shaw albums in years to come. More power to her elbow, is all I can say.

    The woman and her team, are, quite simply, superb!

    Highly recommended.



    …’A set that Surpasses the excellence of ‘Life, Love And Strings”……’one of UK soul’s best kept secrets!’

    By now every self-respecting soul fan should be award of Ms Diane Shaw. The UK singer has been an in-demand session singer and live backing vocalist for many, many years while her 2015 long player ‘Life, Love And Strings’ was both critically acclaimed and commercially successful. Indeed one soul commentator went as far as describing the album “the best soul set of the 21st century so far!”

    How on earth can you follow that up? Well, quite simple really – offer more of the same. Select some proper songs (you know ones with memorable melodies, meaningful lyrics, beginnings, middles and ends), arrange and produce them sympathetically, use real instruments wherever possible and allow one of the best soul voices in the business to do its stuff. In essence, that’s what ‘Second Chance’ is all about.

    The long player is a 13 tracker and though it’s an overused cliché, there’s isn’t one dud amongst them. That said, it’s clearly churlish to cherry pick standouts and highlights. Each cut offers up its own treasures but here’s a selection to give you a flavour of what to expect. Here at SJF we’ve always been big, big fans of the songs of Jimmy Webb and we were really excited to see that Diane has included a rarely recorded song of his on ‘Second Chance’. Tune in question is ‘(Come Back) Halfway and it’s a true delight – like a Fifth Dimension classic. We’re told that Webb wrote the catchy song during his tenure with Motown (just before he broke through) and the surprise is how Berry Gordy let this one get away… kind of proves he wasn’t always right!

    Gordy also let Holland-Dozier-Holland get away (he didn’t have much choice) and Diane offers her version of one of the mighty trio’s songs here. It’s ‘Remember Me’, which, I think, H-D-H penned for Laura Lee and here Ms and her team turn in a performance that Eddie, Brian and Lamont will, I’m sure, be proud of. It’s one of the album’s up-tempo moments; one of the memorable slower items is a reading of Michael McDonald’s ‘Someone Like You. Then there’s the ab fab burner ‘Through The Rain’.

    But hey… we weren’t going to cherry pick!

    So enough …. suffice to say that ‘Second Chance’ is every bit as good as its predecessor so the pundit who made the above grandiose “21st century” comment might well need to re-think. We’ll just say that already in 2018 we’vem awarded five stars to two albums – James Hunter and Sir Wick. Now here’s our third!”

    (Bill Buckley) 5/5



    …”..I’m thinking now there’s little point in highlighting individual tracks because, quite simply, they’re all flawless…10/10…”

    It’s been a long three year wait but Diane’s second album wasn’t simply released – it exploded like cannon fire into the public domain.

    Such was the anticipation for this album that her management was badgered for sneak previews from the day she announced she was in the studio recording it. Me included! Tell me, can there be a soul fan who hasn’t heard of Diane Shaw – our very own, home grown soul stylist who, modestly, has eclipsed many boasting the same title? I doubt it.

    So, how do you follow “Love, Life And Strings”, easily one of the best releases of 2015? Well, you don’t do you. You move gracefully forward with sights set upon delivering another landmark album, and by all things emotional, Diane has cracked it again.

    Already dominating most respected soul charts across the country, this collection of material is high octane – from the choice of songs, the music arrangements bringing out the very best from tight, sympathetic and well-honed musicians, and of course the obligatory support vocalists.

    The opening track “Remember Me” is cleverly paced as it strums along side stepping a deep unobtrusive rhythm, while “Through The Rain” gently weaves itself around sweeping melodies and plaintive voices; the calm feeling is almost contagious with its familiar sound.

    Cherry picking songs from the American soul songbook, Diane’s faultless presentation in voice and lyric interpretation is unique to her individual persona and the recognisable timbre of her voice, as she switches from ballad to uptempo with ease.

    Already lifted as a single, “The Day I Found Myself” gave a little insight into the pending album while not preparing us for “Shall I Wait For You” as it slowly manifested itself into a top rate soul track, nor the sultry, yet gracious “All Or Nothing”, with its impeccable sax work.

    This made way for a meaty, funky “I’ve Got To Feel It” complete with that recognisable rhythm which Diane loves so much, leaving the full, upbeat and brassy “Love Has No Right” – complete with hot blooded vocals – to deliver the punchiest of hook lines.

    With its relentless beat, the album’s title “Second Chance” easily becomes addictive, while…..Hah, I’m thinking now there’s little point in highlighting individual tracks because, quite simply, they’re all flawless – and that’s rare for someone like me with an inbuilt cynical system to admit.

    So, has Diane Shaw successfully followed her 2015 album? Hell yes – and then some!
    Rating: 10/10


    You can Preview the Album, and purchase it from the links in the Discography here

    Tito Jackson Diane Shaw

    Diane Shaw & The Stylistics

    In 2016, Diane had the great honour of touring the UK with one of her childhood hero’s Philadelphia Soul Legends ‘The Stylistics’


    2015 – Diane Shaw finally releases her Debut Studio Album ‘Love, Life & Strings’ to great critical acclaim.

    Recorded with a 20 piece orchestra, capturing the sound and feeling of Old School Soul from the 60s and 70s, it went on to be the Best Selling UK Soul Album of 2015.

    Love, Life & Strings was championed by top DJ’s such as Craig Charles on BBC Radio 2 and BBC 6 Music, and the legendary Tony Blackburn, playing it for 13 consecutive weeks on is Soul on Sunday show on BBC London.

    Diane had spent the previous 20 years performing on stage alongside Soul Legends such as Tito Jackson, The Stylistics, Martha Reeves, Sister Sledge, Eddie Holman, George McCrae, Alexander O’Neal and many more, and she finally took her turn in the spotlight, encompassing everything she has learned from the masters, keeping that old school soul sound alive and delivering it to a new generation.  

    Recorded as it was back in the old days, to analogue tape and with full orchestration of over thirty musicians, producing future classic soul songs with a sound that appears as fresh in an old soul playlist as it does on modern day commercial radio.   The album went on to further accolades:

    #1 in the UK SOUL CHART for 2 weeks
    #1 on the AMAZON R&B New Release Chart
    #2 in the HMV Japan R&B / Soul Chart
    Top 30 Soul Albums in the US in 2015, voted by SOULTRACKS USA

    Diane Shaw - Love, Life & Strings

    July 2015 – After release Diane Shaw’s ‘Love, Life & Strings’ Album spent 2 Weeks at the Top of the UK Soul Chart


    Notable Album Reviews:  

    ✭✭✭✭✭ “The Best Soul Album of 21st Century……” – Tower Records, Tokyo, Japan


    ✭✭✭✭✭  “A contender for Debut Album of the Year, Diane Shaw’s Love, Life And Strings (Mecca Records) introduces the Manchester singer on a set of beautifully crafted ballads and dancers. In the former camp, the effusive ‘Leave A Little Love’. Over delicious Motown styled horns and strings arranged by Bert Decoteaux and Andy Birkinshaw, Shaw’s sweet but strong vocal delivery, think Brenda Holloway, is truly intoxicating ”

    4/5 Stars – Lois Wilson, Record Collector/ MOJO Magazine


     ✭✭✭✭✭  “The vocals sublime, the production exquisite, a fabulous album, and straight out of Manchester!”

    Craig Charles, playing ‘Leave a little Love’ on Radio 2


    ✭✭✭✭✭  “..the ease with which she soars and dips, shimmers and explodes….a voice that’s strong pure, gutsy and mellow…. sweet, smooth and unpretentious….the song left me speechless..”

    “ absolute gem in construction and delivery”  9/10 Stars – Sharon Davis (Motown UK, Blues & Soul,


    ✭✭✭✭✭  “…sounds like a lost artefact that’s been languishing in Motown’s vaults for 45 years  

    ….Destined to be one of the best Soul LPs of 2015″  Charles Waring – Soul&Jazz&


    ✭✭✭✭✭  “…you could drop the needle on any track on offer here and come up with a winner”  Toby Walker – 


    ✭✭✭✭✭  “A marvellous meshing of a sophisticated vocalist with meaningful repertoire and classy arrangements” 

    “Shining with both the nostalgia of Motown and Philadelphia International in an impressively fresh fashion.Shaw’s bold, crisp vocal tones are beautifully unaffected” 

    Justin Kantor – (USA) 


    ✭✭✭✭✭  A future classic……This ambitious and optimistic album has that feel good factor and deserves to be one of the Soul albums of the year. 

    Soul Brother Records 

    You can Preview the Album, and purchase it from the links in the Discography here


    Gracieland Studios
    Album Plug
    UK Soul Chart No 1
    Love Life & Strings Album back Cover



  • 2009 – Sharing the stage with Soul Legends

    2009 – Sharing the stage with Soul Legends

    After growing her own loyal following Diane started to be asked to support and tour with some of the great Soul Legends.

    This continues to this day and has included Grammy Award winning Smooth Jazz artist Kirk Whalum, 70’s Soul Star George McCrae, Sister Sledge, Alexander O’Neal and many more….



    Performing with Grammy Award winning artist Kirk Whalum

    Performing with Grammy Award winning artist Kirk Whalum

    Diane and her band supporting Sister Sledge in London

    Diane and her band supporting Sister Sledge in London

    Performing with Soul Star George McCrae

    Performing with Soul Star George McCrae

  • 2004 – More years of Performing for Stars and Dignitaries

    2004 – More years of Performing for Stars and Dignitaries

    For the next 5 years Diane Shaw continued to be invited to perform all over the UK and overseas, highlights include:

    A private party in a Derbyshire Country home for politicians including Theresa May and Margret Beckett.

    A private Party for Dignitaries in Richmond upon Thames guested by the Norwegian Prime Minister.

    Diane went on to share the stage at events with comedians Bobby Davro and Joe Pasquale, sports stars Steve Davis, David Gower and Matt Lattisier, as well as TV stars including Sir David Bellamy, David Dickenson and Clair Sweeney.

    Further corporate events saw her perform in front of Zoe Ball, David Bellamy, Nigel Hall (head of entertainment at ITV) and The Arch Deacon to the Queen.

    Charity events with Football Star Kenny Dalglish and his wife Marina (4 times at their annual ball)

    Further charity sporting events followed with Bryan Robson, Kevin Keegan, Alan Hanson and Mark Lawrenson.

    Many high profile Corporate events at Mere Golf Club in Cheshire including with the complete Manchester United Team including Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Roooney.

    Other events guested by the stars of Eastenders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

    and many many more……

    Diane Shaw 6 tiny square

    uvs050620-148Diane Shaw corporate events









    Bruce Jones

    Diane Shaw performing at a Corporate function for Manchester United FC

    Diane Shaw performing at a Corporate function for Manchester United FC



  • 2003 – Launching the ‘Supreme Soul Show’

    2003 – Launching the ‘Supreme Soul Show’

    in 2003 Diane launched her latest project, fronting her own 8 piece Live Band performing the ‘Supreme Soul Show’.

    Covering the best of Soul & Motown Classics, she was the first female soul singer in the UK to put together a Fully Live Soul spectacular.

    The show was launched at the legendary Willows Nightclub in Manchester, gaining rave reviews and taking her on to the next part of her career journey.

    Diane Band Willows

    Diane Shaw performing with her band at the legendary Willows Nightclub Manchester

    Diane Shaw at the Willows Salford











    The Supreme Soul Show

    press copy











  • 2002- Performing at the Angel Ball with David & Victoria Beckham

    2002- Performing at the Angel Ball with David & Victoria Beckham

    In 2002 Diane was invited by radio and TV presenter Susie Mathis to perform at the Angel Ball in Manchester, raising funds for the Francis House Hospice hosted by Kirsty Howard, an amazing girl who was given 3 years to live with a rare heart defect, but went on to live until the age of 20, and famously handed the torch to the Queen at the Commonwealth Games.

    Unknown to Diane and all of the audience, David and Victoria Beckham secretly turned up to the event to join in the fundraising and watch the performance, and it was featured in all of the National press the following day.

    In her honour, the Kirsty Club Charity is still being run today and continues to provide amazing support at the Francis House Hospice:


    Diane Shaw performing at the Angel Ball

    Diane Shaw performing at the Angel Ball


  • 2000 – ‘OK Magazine’ Celebrity Wedding

    2000 – ‘OK Magazine’ Celebrity Wedding

    Diane was chosen by Coronation Street actress Tracy Shaw to perform at her star-studded wedding ceremony at Knowsley Hall.

    It was featured throughout two issues of OK Magazine and the cast of Coronation Street and Eastenders were present at the wedding.

    During her performance, Diane sang Tracy’s favourite song, Celine Dion’s ‘Colour of my Love’

    OK Magazine – Diane performs at Tracy Shaw’s wedding

    Knowsley Hall

  • 1998 – ‘Stars in their Eyes’

    Stars in Their Eyes - Diane Shaw

    Diane Shaw made her first TV appearance in front of 15 million people on ITV’s ‘STARS in their EYES’ Grand Final in 1998.
    She performed the Diana Ross hit ‘I’m Still Waiting’ backed by a 30 piece orchestra.
    The show catapulted her singing career into mainstream public attention.

    matthew kelly diane shaw

    Diane Shaw performing on ITV's 'Stars in their Eyes' Grand Final

    Diane Shaw performing on ITV’s ‘Stars in their Eyes’ Grand Final

    Diane Shaw performs on ITVs Stars in Their Eyes

    Diane Shaw















    Red Dwarf

    Red Dwarf

    Red Dwarf

    Diane Shaw singing the Red Dwarf TV theme tune

    Diane Shaw singing the Red Dwarf TV theme

    Earlier in the year Diane was also asked to record the vocals on the theme tune to the BBC’s Red Dwarf TV series.

    She appeared under her maiden name Diane Hunte.
    The recording has appeared on many TV Theme tune compilations all over the world.




Reviews (110)


Four Tops - Broadway Theatre 8/16/19

Andy Coulson
Hi Diane, Came to see you at the Broadway Theatre in Peterborough last night with the Four Tops. I thought you were fantastic and wish you had of been given more time. Will definitely be coming to see you again. Thank you

Seen Diane twice May 29, 2017 

Carol Durrant
Seen Diane twice Love ❤️ her voice, she gives more than 100% . First time just wow dressed in her Red outfit (then later shoes off lol) amazing . Have to wait for October now will truly be worth it x x 😘

Rick & Cath's Wedding Anniversary 27th November 2017

Gavin Hutchinson
Hi Andy Thanks for a great night on Friday the party was a great success and was enjoyed by all especially Rick & Cath who's Golden Wedding party it was.  I have spoke to and seen many of the party goers since Friday & their first comment is "what a great band".  Please pass on my thanks to Diane & the Band for the superb and very professional performance which I have no doubt made it a night to remember for all. Hope to see you again soon as I have had a couple of inquiries about the band in respect of up & coming wedding parties. Kind Regards Gavin Hutchinson

Wedding of Lottie & Alex 26/09/2016

Lottie & Alex Hunter
Dear Andy and Diane, We truly cannot thank you enough for absolutely taking the evening part of our wedding by storm on 10th September. It was one hell of an awesome show you guys put on and we loved every single second of your set. The dance floor was over-flowing from start to finish which very rarely happens at weddings! I for one couldn't stop dancing away. We also really appreciate you learning and singing some of our favourite tracks over and above what you had already planned. We had so many people come up to us, asking who were our incredible band.  So big thanks from us both for putting the icing on the cake to the best day of our lives. We haven't stopped re-living every moment since, and now we are back from honeymoon, the reality of normal life seems rather dull! I have attached a photo from our photographer of us up on stage with you, doing our 'First Song' - which I think went surprisingly well?! Hope you enjoyed yourselves and would love to know when you're next playing in London. Very best and many thanks again Lottie & Alex xx

Butlns Skegness Northern Soul Weekender 9/26/16

Mark Holden
Dear Diane. Not long been home from Butlns Skegness. My 3rd year running. You guys are fantastic. And with all my heart. I would like to thank you and all your band. For everything you do for us and the music we love. You guys are a class act. The first time i came. I came to watch you perform in the afternoon. WOW. You blew me away. And i am not ashamed to admit. You actually brought a tear to my eye. When you play down near Milton Keynes. I definitely will come to watch you and your amazing band. My highlight this year. Anyway dont want to write a letter lol. Once again. Thank you Regards Mark Holden KTF

Wedding Branston Hall 8/6/16

Tracy Thomas
Hi Diane and Andy - hope you're both keeping well, I can't believe it's been over 5 years now since you performed at our wedding at Branston Hall in Lincolnshire, where does the time go ? Hope to see you again soon x bestest wishes and love from Tracy xx

BBC Radio Lancashire 05/01/2016

Dave Swanton
Hi, I am a BBC Radio Presenter and regularly play Diane’s music on my shows. Please could you send me a signed photo for my studio wall? Thanks for the CD you sent through last year it has had some serious plays! Thanks in hope, Dave

Hideaway Jazz Club London 3/6/16

Myrette MacIntyre
Diane so nice to see you and listen to your music tonite in the Hideaway Jazz Club in Streatham. I brought my sister in law June and her husband. Both musicians. My partner Charles loved it too. Best of everything to you. X

GER Club 6/5/16

Keith Evans
Thanks for a brilliant night at the GER Diane. You and the band for as awesome as ever. X Keith

Corporate Event CJam Group 23/05/2016

Trudi @ CJam Group Ltd
Hi Andy A big thank you to you and Diane for the show on Friday night.  All went really well and everyone loved Diane. Hope to work with you again soon Regards Trudi