Love, Life & Mixes

Love, Life & Mixes
1st March 2017
Diane Shaw
Mecca Records
Producer: Andy Birkinshaw
Number of discs: 1

1  That Thing You Do (Prelude Mix)  5:30
2  Today I Started Loving You (LA Mix)  7:20
3  No More Love to Give (Smooth Jazz Mix)  3:51
4  I Go to Pieces (Sacrilege Mix) 6:57
5  That Thing You Do (London Town Mix)  5:32
Leave a Little Love (String Mix)  3:59
7  Leave a Little Love (Original Production Mix)  4:05
8  You Let Him Get Away (Super 6Ts Mix)  3:12
9  That Thing You Do (Sun Stepper Mix)  4:34
10  I Go To Pieces (Sacrilege Mix – Radio Edit)  3:56
11  That Thing You Do (London Town Mix – Radio Edit)  3:41
12  Today I Started Loving You (LA Mix – Radio Edit)  4:14

Mixed and Produced by Andy Birkinshaw, MECCA Records Manchester

(MCR1405CD) CD   Sorry….SOLD OUT
Digital Download Available HERE


✭✭✭✭✭  Amazing album – never fails to get the party started!
I can’t recommend this album enough. As always, Diane Shaw’s soulful voice sounds fantastic! It’s hard to choose a favourite track as they are all so good. Cleverly mixed showcasing Diane’s voice wonderfully. This is my go to album for summer evenings in the garden with friends. Good company, BBQ, prosecco and Love, Life & Mixes! Perfection. If you’ve not heard Diane yet …. you’re missing out big time!
✭✭✭✭✭  It’s in the mix, in the mix, in the mix 🙂
While we wait for Diane Shaw’s forthcoming second album ‘Second Chance’ here are tracks from her first album (Love, Life and Strings) given a new lease of life in remixed form.